FTC approves Disney/Lucas Film Deal

The Federal Trade Commission has approved the more than $4 billion dollar deal between Disney and Lucasfilm.  So why is this worth blogging about?  Well, since the announcement that Disney was acquiring Lucasfilm the internet has been bombarded with rumors as to what direction Star Wars was going. With just a few official releases from Disney (George Lucas’ role, and the writers) mums been the word on the Episode VII.  Recently Alan Horn was asked about the possibility of Matthew Vaughn directing(In case you missed an earlier blog, Jason Flemyng might have let the cat out of the bag.)   His quote from the Vulture

“I would say you’ll know soon. And it’s got to come from Kathy Kennedy — we don’t have the company yet!”

The last part is the most important, they do not have the company yet.  At least now we are one step closer to hearing some facts about Episode VII.


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