Batman: Dead End fan film

Man I love fan films especially when they are top notch.  This is one of those, Sandy Collora on a budget of $30,000 dollars released Batman: Dead End in 2003.  Kevin Smith called it “possibly the truest, best Batman movie ever made”


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Matthew Vaughn to direct Star Wars Episode VII?

According to Collider in a recent interview at the Premiere of Seven Psychopaths actor Jason Flemyng might have made a slip concerning Matthew Vaughn’s possible duties with Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise.  You can see the slip at 1:11.  Click the links in the article to read further into the story, and remember to “follow” to keep updated with the latest Episode VII news.

Trials Evolution custom Star Wars track.

One of my many time wasters in life is You Tube.  I watch more You Tube than I do regular TV.  I ran across this today on Rooster Teeth (Red vs Blue) channel.  It is a video of a custom map in Trials Evolution to the theme of Star Wars.  With Luke’s Speeder, the Millenium Falcon, the Jawa’s Sand Crawler and Tie Fighters.

Check it out!!