I got an early X-Mas present, a McRib!!!!

mcrib-222Today my little sister is having a baby. On the way home from the hospital I was going to hit up Willie’s Weenie Wagon, but I had this “feeling”.  Something was telling me I needed to go to McDonald’s. The first one I went by, I could not tell from the road whether they had it or not, so I proceeded to the one closer to my house. As I got closer I still could not see a hint of the McRib. I thought to myself

“The only thing I want from here is a McRib, it would be easier to just to go across to the street to Taco Bell and get some Doritos’ Tacos”.

But that “feeling” hit again, so I proceeded into McDonald’s. Screw it, I’ll get a Crispy Chicken C.B.O. if they don’t have it. As I rounded the corner there on the drive thru marquee, not visible from the road, was this huge picture of a McRib.

What?! My heart literally stopped. It was like meeting a celebrity.

I’m writing this before I start eating my second one, just to spread the news. If your lucky, like I was, your McDonald’s might have them too. I for one can tell you what my next three meals are going to be. McRibs. I’ll let you guys know how much I gain.

Here is a link to the McRib Locator, and Happy Hunting!!

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McRib gets a release date.

And finally a date for one of the most anticipated releases of 2012.  The McRib!!  According to McDonald’s website the McRib goes on sale Dec 17, 2012.   Now I know a McRib is not really ribs, but I don’t care.  I, like many others, will flock to McDonald’s to feast on this fast food legend.  Hell, I might even take the day off.

Thank you for reading and while your here, kick back and take a look at some of my other articles and photographs.


Why hasn’t McDonald’s released the McRib Yet.

Football season has started and we are now entering into winter.  For a month now I have checked the marquee at McDonald’s waiting to see  “McRib is back!” slogan.  But that day has never come so i took to the internet to see what is going on, and what I have found is apparent greed.

Because of  low sales, we got stuck with the C.B.O.  Although not a bad sandwich, it isn’t a McRib.  According to Time, we won’t see the McRib till the end of December to help give a boost at the end of the quarter.


The most interesting part of my research is this website McRib Locator, a site dedicated to pinpointing McDonald’s that are currently serving McRib’s.