My first blog and Marv

Welcome to my blog!  Over the year I have talked about doing this but have not had any idea where to start.  It originally was going to be a blog about my photography, but after a year of thinking I decided it was not as much the pictures that I was taking but the more of my view and the things that interest me in the world around me. So here we go, bear with me.

Sin City Death Row Marv 1999

Death Row Marv was released in 1999.  Marv was a character from the Sin City neo-noir comics by Frank Miller and later portrayed by Mickey Rourke. The pose here is depicted from scenes in “The Hard Goodbye”.  At the time this was the rarest out of the set and most controversial out of the series that year.  (My buddy Jason and I drove to Macon I believe on a Star Wars toy hunt when I found this guy.) McFarlane Toys were the game changer when they came out.  The amount of detail in each figure was incredible.  See photos below.


So there you have it, my first blog.  Short and sweet.



Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island Georgia