Howard the Duck murdered by Deadpool?

I was reading Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe today.  It’s an alternate universe story where Deadpool, as the title suggests, kills everybody. Among his killing spree, that included Wolverine, the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and many others was Howard the Duck.  Although fairly graphic (Spider Man got owned!!) it’s worth a read.  Click here to check out Marvel’s Wiki on the series.

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The victims. Ghost Rider, Dr. Doom and Howard the Duck

Writers Kinberg and Kasdan working on spinoffs?

The latest speculation in the infinite “Star Wars Episode VII Rumors” is that Simon Kinberg and Michael Kasdan are working on spinoffs for the Star Wars universe instead of the scripts for Episodes VIII and IX.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog that the Star Wars : Underworld TV show was still listed as in production on IMDB.  The following quote from The Playlist proves the rumor to be more speculation than hard evidence but an entertaining idea none the less.


“Wait, spinoffs already? Well, it’s not that surprising given that Disney wants movies from this universe every two to three years. And this is actually particularly interesting given the recent retirement of longtime “Star Wars” steward Rick McCallum. As you might remember, he had been talking up a “Star Wars” TV series for a while, and over the summer revealed there were 50 completed scripts. Could Kasdan and Kinberg be overseeing those scripts and trying to shuffle and connect them into the new trilogy? It’s a big, broad guess, but we can’t imagine Disney or Lucasfilm are going to let three-and-a-half years of work wither away. [The Playlist]”

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Star Wars : Angry Birds Hoth Update

Screen shot from the Hoth update for Star Wars : Angry Birds

This is the first DLC (downloadable content) for Star Wars : Angry Birds.  It brings along with it 20 new levels and introduces the pink bird as Princess Leia.  Having completed the first 20 missions in the Hoth update today, I have to say that they were more challenging than the other Star Wars levels.  At .99 cents Star Wars : Angry Birds has turned out to be not only  entertaining but a decent blend of the two franchises.

Why hasn’t McDonald’s released the McRib Yet.

Football season has started and we are now entering into winter.  For a month now I have checked the marquee at McDonald’s waiting to see  “McRib is back!” slogan.  But that day has never come so i took to the internet to see what is going on, and what I have found is apparent greed.

Because of  low sales, we got stuck with the C.B.O.  Although not a bad sandwich, it isn’t a McRib.  According to Time, we won’t see the McRib till the end of December to help give a boost at the end of the quarter.


The most interesting part of my research is this website McRib Locator, a site dedicated to pinpointing McDonald’s that are currently serving McRib’s.